California restaurateur sued for disabilities act violations in parking lot he doesn’t own.

Anheuser Busch was sued by a bar fight victim when a longneck bottle was used as a weapon, causing lacerations to her face.

Maximum security inmate who went to jail with five teeth sued prison for dental problems.

A New Jersey woman sued a 13-year-old Little Leaguer for $500,000 after he hit her in the face with an errant pitch.

Michigan woman files $5 million class action lawsuit for the leftover gas still in her repossessed car.

An intoxicated Florida driver pleads guilty to manslaughter, then sues the estate of the victim he killed for, among other claims, “pain and suffering”.

Frequently, independent contractors are hired to create content for companies, but who owns this intellectual property that is created by the independent contractor? This content can be photos, written content, computer code, videos and anything creative. Typically, you would look to the contract to specify who has the ownership of the copyright. The contract would…

Have you ever read through your credit card agreements? Have you truly read through each clause? You probably haven’t read them, unless you’re the rare exception or an attorney who gets paid to do so.   Most of these agreements include arbitration agreements, where you agree, by opening the account, to resolve any issues by…

This post is slightly delayed, but it is important nonetheless. Everyone should be aware of changes in State law, especially when those changes affect litigation.   On June 19, 2013, Governor Pat McCrory signed Senate Bill 452 (“SB 452”), now Session Law 2013-159, which increases the jurisdictional amount in controversy for each division of the…

We’ve all had this thought before: I can do that myself, so why pay somebody else to do it for me? For those familiar with Pinterest, this is the age of doing-it-yourself. Representation in a legal matter should not be a DIY experience. Despite what you may think you know, it’s always better to hire…


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